Female breast torture

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Humans are capable of extreme cruelty and over the years torture techniques have become more and more sophisticated. To understand the true extent of human indignation we dived deep into world history and found out some of the most painful torture devices to have ever been used on humans in this gory, gory list.

Flaying is a punishment where people are skinned alive. It has successfully made appearances in a lot of different cultures. Assyrians used to hang the skin coat of their defeated enemies on city walls to represent the cruelty and trigger fear in people's mind. Brazen Bull is a device considered not only one amongst the most painful devices of all time but also technologically advanced for the time— 6th century BC. In fact, it is believed that it's inventor; Perilous of Athens got tricked into being the first guinea pig to be served to the metallic bull.

The bull was lit underneath, and its mechanism was such that a system of tubes amplified the victim's screams. The voices that came out of the bull allegedly resembled a raging bull. Impalement was 'Vlad the Impaler's' favored punishment for traitors and people who refused to abide by him. The process involved forcing victims to sit on a sharp pole which would rise at a constant speed.

The victim would slide down the pole slowly. Sometimes it took as long as three days for the victim to die. Some historical books suggest that Vlad once punished 20, people with impalement while enjoying a meal. Did somebody say food? We have another torture method sailing the same water. It is an ancient Persian method where victims are force-fed large quantities of milk and honey to trigger bodily dysfunction.

They would then be strapped to a rowboat surrounded by honey to be either consumed by insects or drown in their filth. In the 18th century, this was a standard punishment adopted by pirates as well as Navy men. The strangled victims would get dragged and tossed overboard. The open wounds and blood would entice hungry sharks to attack and kill them. It is pretty self-explanatory. A heated or frozen metal was used to rip the breasts off women. It was a device used in medieval Germany to punish women for parturition out of adultery.

Many amongst the entire list of popular medieval torture devices are believed to be legends. This one, however, is not only recognised by historians but considered the cruelest of them all. The victim's legs were covered with a wooden or iron casing and wedges would be hammered between the boards, creating pressure. The device had a lot of variants throughout the history— one was surfaced with metal spikes. Every reader of George Orwell's masterpiece would recognise this device.

All four limbs were tied to a wooden frame using a rope. The torturer would then start turning the handle to tighten the cables and in turn stretching the victim's limbs. They would only stop when the victim's limbs were dislocated. This Chinese torture device drives the strongest-headed human insane. A slow but continuous stream of water droplets falls on the head of the victim in an isolated space. In England, the punishment for treason was to be hanged, drawn and quartered.

The multistep process was abolished in The victim is dragged into a wooden frame; they are then hanged by the neck until they are near-death. They are then immediately castrated— their genitals are then burned before their own eyes.

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Female breast torture

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