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Supermodels, influencers, philanthropists, and musicians are just some of the hottest girls to follow on Instagram right now. There's a lot of beautiful women on Instagram, but having what it takes to be hot enough to follow is hard work. These women are committed to their brands, have the know-how to maintain and build a loyal following, and put in the work to maintain their image despite the demands of their busy lifestyles. If you're looking for your dream girl, then you'll love this list of the hottest girls to follow on Instagram.

Ren is a Sports Illustrated Rookie for , but she's not new to the modeling game. Ren is also an entrepreneur, having launched her own line of athletic wear called Ren Active. Ren's hope with her eponymous brand is to create workout clothes that will make women feel as confident inside the gym as outside of it. With Ren Active, you can be doing the best soccer warm-ups you should be doing while looking your best as you do them. Joan Smalls isn't just one of the hottest girls to follow on Instagram right now; she's one of the hottest girls to follow in modeling.

From , she ranked as the one model in the world on Models. These days, Joan is considered one of the New Supers, which means she's attained the same international renown as models such as Cindy Crawford or Heidi Klum. Niykee Heaton began her career by sharing acoustic guitar covers on YouTube. Her next move was to graduate high school six months ahead of time and then self-finance the recording of some songs. The title track currently enjoys over 86 million streams on Spotify alone!

While Heaton has yet to release a full-length album, she's already got two headlining tours under her belt, making her one of the hardest working girls on Instagram. Duo Lipa isn't just one of the hottest girls to follow on Instagram right now; she's also one of the hottest girls in music to listen to. Her self-titled debut album spawned several top 40 UK hits and her seminal single "New Rules" climbed as high as 6 on the Billboard charts.

By the year's end, Duo Lipa's debut appeared on several best-of lists, including that of Pitchfork , Rolling Stone , and Complex. Her Calvin Harris collaboration "One Kiss" is so ubiquitous that you may have even heard someone playing it in a car as they drive by you, if you weren't already listening to it. In , Taylor Hill made her debut on Forbes' list of top-earning models at Despite all this success, Hill has a fear that's all too common when it comes to models. There are girls who are years-old, like I was when I first started, changing in an open space.

Hopefully, the issue will be changed thanks to increased visibility from Hill, one of the hottest girls to follow on Instagram right now. That's a one-two punch if there ever was one! It was actually her appearance in the "Blurred Lines" video that inspired Ben Affleck to suggest she be cast as his mistress in the film Gone Girl.

Ratajkowski continues to model and act to this day, with her most recent role being Amy Schumer's I Feel Pretty. What's earned Yovanna Ventura the romantic attention of Justin Bieber and The Weeknd is the same thing that's earned her modeling campaigns with the likes of Good American, Frankie's Bikinis, and Guess: her dedication to fitness, and maintaining her natural good looks. After making a splash in the world of fashion, Yovanna hopes to conquer the world of acting next. No matter what she's doing, it's safe to say that her beautiful booty and perky breasts will continue being a fan favorite for years to come.

Sommer Ray is the daughter of a bodybuilder, so it's no surprise that she started entering bodybuilding competitions in her teens. She'd do several competitions a year in her home state of Colorado and place within the top five regularly. She'd been contemplating a career as a fitness trainer before looking to Instagram as a source of income. It was a smart move on Ray's part because it allowed her to model and even launch Evolve, a free fitness app that provides meal plans and equipment free exercises. If anyone knows how to make money off Instagram s, it's Ray! Sara Underwood was the Playboy Playmate of the year in and a one time host of the popular G4 program Attack of the Show.

These days, Underwood runs aPatreon campaign called "Nature Buff. This globetrotting hottie has gained so much fame, companies have been asking to photograph her around the world. She's been photographed in such exotic locales as Hawaii, Mexico, and Thailand. Sierra Skye has garnered worldwide attention for her butt. But, let's be real about her physique for a minute. Every bit of her body seems to be totally perfect.

With over 3. Adrianne Ho has modeled for the likes of Maybelline, and is one of Adidas's global brand ambassadors. Additionally, Ho is both a deer and director. She directed and created the forthcoming Canadian channel One series Sweat the City , and she's the deer and founder of Sweat Crew , a line of women's activewear.

When she's not owning the fashion scene, she's spending time in guys' dreams due to the sheer beauty she possesses. Those eyes and lips are totally unforgettable, aren't they? Elsa Hosk is a model and Victoria's Secret Angel, as well as a one-time professional basketball player in her home country of Sweden. Hosk's biggest claim to fame, aside from her gorgeous figure, are her crisp blue-grey eyes. You could just get lost looking into them. Cassandre Davis' butt has brought her so much fame that periodicals are desperate for any info they can get on her. In recent years, she's done tons of interviews, appearances, and gained a huge amount of followers on Instagram.

That booty is hot enough to make any man drool—and that's why she may have had a romantic connection with a certain famous soccer star in the past. While doing this, she also studied law for eight semesters at the Law School at the Christian University in Managua. She eventually decided to pursue modeling, and has been raking up cash and Instagram followers ever since. Since , the duo has been hard at work bringing their brand from their native San Juan, Puerto Rico to the world at large by route of Miami.

By Sunday, I'm already depressed because it's going to be Monday. So I started thinking, I want to feel that way. Chrissy Teigen is everywhere! If you're always playfully ribbing your partner then, guess what, you're the Chrissy Teigen of your relationship. Tiegen is someone people follow on Instagram just because her family is so adorable! As with many strong, independent women, Teigen is often subjected to criticism from the general public when she's just being herself. Teigen, for example, faced criticism from segments of the internet population for a photo of herself openly breastfeeding her child.

Teigen clapped back at those who dared to pop off in a Tweet, "Just chillin. Posting daily life like I do with anything else. Cooking, playing with dogs, etc. You make feeding a baby big deal because you got weird titty issues. With her beachy vibe and incredibly good looks, Sara Sampaio had to be one of the few women who was literally destined for fame and fortune.

She also won SI's Rookie of the Year that year. It should come as no surprise that Sampaio has won the Best Model category at the Portuguese Golden Globes in , , , , and ; she's been modeling worldwide for high-end brands for years, is a Victoria's Secret Angel, and, most recently, became the face of the Giorgio Armani's fragance Si Passione. No wonder Sampaio is one of the hottest girls to follow on Instagram right now.

The Dutch model has been a Victoria's Secret Angel since She's walked for dozens of high ends deers. If you've ever wondered what it's like to be a model, Strijd vlogs over at YouTube. If you aren't in love with her beautifully slender figure and striking eyes, you'll fall in love with her personality.

It's not surprising that she's considered to be one of the hottest girls to follow on Instagram today. She's been in over shows, and been on the cover of or appeared in such magazines as Vogue, Vanity Fair , and Elle. As she explained to E Online, her mother, who is gay, placed an ad in a magazine hoping to find a sperm donor.

Skriver's father, who was about to marry his husband, responded to the ad. On having two sets of parents, Skriver told I-D magazine that she, "didn't like the term 'Stepmom' or 'Stepdad' because it always felt like something bad from the Disney movies. So we came up with our own word and called it 'Bonus Mom' I grew up with a mom and a dad and a bonus set of parents. Candice Swanepoel has been one of the world's top ten earning models since The South African beauty has done it all you have to have if you're one of the top-earning models in the world!

She's also actively involved in Mothers2Mothers , a charity committed to reducing the prevalence of HIV in children and mothers in Africa. Gizele Oliveira is a Brazillian model who's worked with high-end brands worldwide and has also walked in 's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. In , Negin Mirsalehi was working on a masters in marketing when a friend suggested she start an Instagram. Now, six years later, Mirsalehi is one of the top influencers of Instagram.

If you want to learn how to become one of the hottest girls to follow on Instagram right now, then you're best off learning from Mirsalehi. Lais Ribeiro is a Brazilian supermodel who's worked with some of the biggest brands in the world; she's also a Victoria's Secret Angel. As she told Parents. Riberio's incredible features and long lean legs are enough to make any man feel a little weak in the knees.

And, when she's wearing a swimsuit, it's way too easy to get a little thirsty. Outside of acting and modeling, Shay Lo, as she's known to friends, vlogs on YouTube, has co-written a young adult novel called Bliss , and is regularly involved with charitable works such as WE Charity and The Trevor Project. Everyone wants a piece of Shanina Shaik. The Australian model of Lithuanian and Saudi Arabia-Pakistani descent has walked for many of the biggest brands in the world. She's so sought after that her boyfriend of just eight months, DJ Ruckus, proposed to her on the beaches of the Bahamas.

Demi Rose's meteoritic rise to success came after briefly dating Tyga. She's capitalized on the experience so effectively that Tyga's more of a footnote in her career than she is in his. The UK born-model has over 7 million followers and models regularly. Her aspirations also include acting, with a move to LA potentially in the works. Pamela Reif graduated with the highest marks in school, but she didn't want to follow the expected path for a smarty-pants.

Hot girls profiles

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