Kik bot usernames

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Have you visited the Bot Shop on Kik Messenger? The first bot you want to chat with is the Kik Points bot. You want to meet him first because he helps you earn free kik points kp. These are helpful when you want to buy items at the Kik Smiley Shop and the Kik Sticker Shop , or when you want to visit the next bot on our list. Got a few minutes? Then you have time to become mysterious, feed a monkey, and go on a virtual date with a celebrity.

When you chat up a couple of the bots on Kik Messenger, you can do all of that in ten minutes or less. Want to drive someone nuts trying to figure out who you are, and maybe never letting them know? After a couple of casual introductory exchanges with the bot, she will ask if you want to send a message. Then, you get to choose your crush or secret friend from your contact list and type your message. Keep chatting with Kik Points bot every day to keep your kp full so that you can send your crush a new hint every day for a week, then let her know who you are.

Send a few positive secret notes to someone you think could use a boost without ever letting him know who sent them. Sure, you can use it to reach out to your secret crush, but I can think of all sorts of ways Secret Admirer bot can be used to uplift and build up friends and near-friends in our lives. You can connect with Secret Admirer bot here.

Do you need something else to do with your time? Why not adopt a virtual monkey? Your goal is to keep your pet monkey stays in a good mood. The first thing you do is name your monkey. Keep in mind, you are beginning a life-long relationship here. You send him emoji fruit to eat. Watch out, though — he has favorites, and he has allergies.

Well, mine put me on a date with Ryan Gosling. Who would have it was being too pushy when I said whatever he wanted to do next was fine because everything is fun with him? I was just being nice. Knitting the mittens was not fun, but I did it and smiled. These are the kind of virtual mini-adventures Sequel Stories bot takes you on. You get to choose from four scenarios, then get involved somehow with a celebrity.

You make the choices of what you say or do, and reap the consequences or rewards. Activate him and then start a chat to a friend. Riffsy bot lets you send a. Just type gif before the word you want to giffify TM and your friend will be astounded at how clever you can be.

The bot claims to have millions of. On Kik Messenger, the bot plays the game with you. With these bots, you have a fair chance to win. Connect four discs in your color vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Chatting with Make Four bot is a great way to bide some time while waiting for the next exciting thing to happen in your life. Not quite up to making four? Then make three. Tic-tac-toe has never been so much fun as it is with Tickers the bot. Better yet, call Tickers into a chat with a friend, and you and your friend play the game. A definite must-have as far as game bots go.

This bot takes you on a daily adventure in surviving the zombie apocalypse we all know is coming. Do you open the door? Take the knife or the chainsaw? Is it a good day for scavenging, or should you shelter in place for the day? Are you fast enough? What is a set of games without at least one from the trivia genre? Trivia Blast bot lets you choose the category then asks you seven questions.

I did much better on Science than I did on Rap tapped by accident. Trivia Blast bot keeps track of your score, adds you into the mix with all players, and you rank somewhere on the list. Keep winning and you can rise to the top of the heap. Lots of fun! Now for a bot that spans the of games and life helps.

Yes, rock-paper-scissors is a game, but how long can you, really, play it before you are bored anew? There is a second way this bot can help you. When you are having difficulty making a decision, put it up to your success against Rock-Paper-Scissors bot. You win? Red shoes it is! Kik Messenger bots can help you with little things, like finding a job, or the bigger things, like helping you feel better about yourself. Need an entry level job near you? Wirkn bot can help you with that. No experience? No ? Great for anyone working their way through school.

Surrounded by people speaking a language you do not know? Do you know what the language is? Trapped on a Klingon Bird of Prey and starting to feel a little hungry? Are you trying to eat better? Maybe not to lose weight, but to have more energy, feel cleaner inside and out? Forksy bot might be able to help you with that. Scan her code here. No, Plate Math bot helps those wanting to work it off by calculating which plates to load to press a certain weight.

Do you need a bit of encouragement? Words to give you strength, stretch your faith? Keep a chat going with Inspiration bot and she will always be there for you when you need more of that. Wondering which way to turn?

Just remember to keep your questions to the yes or no variety if you want the answers to make sense. Now that you know some of the cool Kik bot usernames waiting for you in the Bot Shop, be sure to chat up a few. Let me know in the comments which ones listed here appealed most to you, the ones you tried, and any others you stumbled upon that you think we should all try.

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Kik bot usernames

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