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Imagine having people you love far far away and then managing to share your every thought with them through voice, video and instant messages seated on your PC, no need of a smartphone at all. That is what Kik Messenger Online platform has done. Kik has been around since , but with the latest plans where Kik messenger online can be downloaded to your computer, it allows you to have the same utility on your computer. To use Kik messenger on your computer without even downloading it to your smartphones? Now here is the kicker, Kik Messenger has introduced Kik bots online that will help you process trending news, you can also chat with them and use them in your chats.

Ever since Kik online and the future of this app has been revolutionized and is here to stay. After you have downloaded Kik on to your device, you can just follow my easy steps below and up. Step 2 — Select your First and Last name That will be your display name too. Step 3 — Create a unique username. If your username is already taken they will ask you to select another. Step 4 — After creating a user name enter a valid address and validate it. Step 6 — phone to sync contacts. Your Kik and set up is ready to be used to explore the world.

Use your info to to Kik every time. Starting from chat rooms to get you a both who can be your personal friend and advisor both at the same time. Its when you can present every emotion precisely the way you feel because Kik has offered a wide variety of emojis for your every mood swing. Kik codes are one the most innovative upgrades in any messaging application so far; it keeps you connected to your surrounding, let me tell you how. For my personal opinion, I love the simple mechanism it holds, clear and amazingly attractive, frankly speaking, there is just something about the entire outlook of this app which allures you to get the download done.

You must already be thinking what the downside is? Let me give you a quick overview of this entire app, in addition to texting it has so much more to offer; you can create group texts, send videos, audio, pictures to your loved one. I Know right; I can read your mind because any new app you come across the first thing you want to know before you download is a safety?

Is it safe or not? Check out few of these safety hacks you can follow if you a kik user or about to be one. Before you read about the steaming features this messaging app has to offer, let me tell you the different devices it supports. Though there is nothing much to worry about because kik supports more or less all the major devices used by millions of users today. Kik supports five of the major devices used worldwide today and not just that it runs smoothly and without any bug because developers have been constantly working on the functioning better and more enhanced for an addictive experience.

Since kik is primarily built for iPhone and Android device so there is nothing to worry about the whole setup process because it is easy, smooth and right to the point because of the constant development to its features. So you might be wondering if it works on older versions of iPhone,. It completely supports all iPhone versions of older iPhone 5 to newest iOS 8, and if any errors, just install a newer version of the operating system from your app store.

Just get to your app store and type kik in the search bar, install and run the app once it finishes downloading. You just have to get an and get started with the app after you in. Click the green download button and it will automatically download the emulator that is compatible with your operating system. Wait to finish the installation process. When you launch Kik, you will be greeted with a screen with two options- to up or . The concept to download on your mac is more or less same as it is done on PC, the only difference is with the emulators, even though Andyroid has its Mac version but let me walk you through another emulator as well, few another emulator that you can use with mac would be Bluestacks, Genymotion pr Manymo.

All the three emulators are good options to download kik for your MAC. Similarly to using an Emulator for your windows operating systems, you can run Andyroid and search for Kik Messenger there. Step3 — Wait till the installation process is complete. Step 4 — Once you have downloaded Bluestacks, you can just search for Kik Messenger on their app store and download it to your Mac; Just check the following link.

Note : You can use all the Android apps just like an Android user through Bluestacks. Its packed with features for sure but apart from that you just have to know few of the best hacks it has to offer, it might be so that few of the user are unaware of this neat aspect. No doubt kik offers a very friendly interface to the users and not just that a customizable aesthetic to keep the privacy secure, kik is fully loaded with surprises and just so you know, the developers are constantly upgrading this messaging app making it more attractive and user-friendly.

Kik points are earned by participating in kik-sponsored activities and chats. When you find the option to your kik messenger app, you can manually turn on the push notification. Its one of the customizable features which thoroughly explains how you can shape kik messenger personally according to your own convenience. Do you want to know how to do that? You just have to look for these brands by making the search, they have all the data for popular networks, companies, music group, artists and much more. To fix that situation you simply have to into your kik profile from any other device so as soon as you into a device you will be automatically logged out from another device that you lost.

Talking about the latest feature on kik, video chatting will top the chart, because it has been recently added to up the game and compete with other competitors. Since video chat is more common with users today, so along with video chatting it also has contents like photos, stickers, emoticons and much more.

When it comes to games on kik, though there, not many active users who prefer playing games on kik but it does offer some of the best ones that can be exciting as well as entertaining. I would definitely like to suggest some of the top games on kik that you can try, the first one just has to be. You can be anything you want, from a warrior to a high-end celebrity. So be careful with this one.

So many time it so happens that problems can hinder your registration process and they show you this kind of messages. The major reason why this can happen is that you might have lost the connection or you have a weak connection, in order to solve this you just have to close the app and then kik start again. This is when the username you want is already taken, so just choose another or google out some cool unique names for that matter.

So that you know, this feature is a very recent add up to the features on kik yet it does have some basic issues as compared to the other applications that support video chatting. The als just gets disconnected and video images get blurred in the middle and many such errors so in order to solve these issues there are few steps to be taken that can really help you sort out this problem, take a look.

So these were some of the errors that a person faces if he a regular user of the app, yet we provide you with the relevant reason and the respective solutions to it, that would resolve the issues for most of them. Now that you are this far into the article you have a clear picture as to what exactly kik has for you, and how it can be suitable for you, but we believe in giving you a clear picture of what you want to get yourself into, so here are some pros and cons of this application which will help you further.

I am well aware it was incredible knowing s much about an app yet what exactly was it for, why did you invest your past min reading merely about the features and functioning of an application, fine let me help you with this even. Yu wanted to decide whether or not it is worth installing. So the answer would be yes because apart from few common errors that this app has, it is fantastic not just for texting but it provides some of the best features experience fun and excitement for sure. It will not just give an addiction but will completely blow your mind with extraordinary bots and chat rooms.

Check kik online

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