Pee play tips

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Piss play. Golden showers. Water sports. Though this particular kink still seems taboo to many, it has in some ways hit the mainstream pun intended —even former president Donald Trump allegedly dabbled in golden showers. So, we decided to chat with Dr.

Fair warning: After reading this, you may find that pee play tickles your sexual fancy. Go for it, babe. As stated before, pee play, or urophilia, is exactly what it sounds like: involving urine into the bedroom. Other names for this fetish includes water sports and golden showers. Stubbs notes that there are tons of reasons why someone would be intrigued by the act of bringing pee into the bedroom, but one of the biggest reasons she sees is the overall taboo stigma. Other factors that emphasize the appeal of golden showers can include trust, comfort with your partner and even sexual power dynamics , Dr.

Stubbs notes. Though recent studies have yet to prove whether pee, poop or semen can carry COVID or not, ingesting urine can lead to other health issues like infections, dehydration, irritation of wounds in the mouth or throat and more. However, Dr. Stubbs does note that like many other fetishes scat , vomit play , etc. In order to stay as safe as possible, Dr. So, interested in trying out pee play yourself? Before you sprinkle on your partner, Dr. Do not just give someone a golden shower without their consent first!

This is wanting to delve into the kink world. So, even if you think you know your partner well, this might be a triggering thing for them. If your partner agrees to try out golden showers, there are a few ways to make your pee a little less smelly and, um, flavorful. Stubbs recommends ditching notorious pee-odorizing foods like coffee and asparagus and making sure you stay hydrated to keep your urine in tip-top shape.

It tastes better coming up. Dairy, not going to burn my throat, all these different things. That might be a good option to keep your whole bed from being a pee pad. But, most importantly, Dr. Stubbs says that patience and practice are key. Brushing up on your knowledge of this particular kink is a great stream to follow in order to really master the art of water sports. Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr.

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Pee play tips

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Getting Started with Golden Showers & Pee Play