Sex snapchat ghostcodes

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In this article, I will talk about some cool stuff. I will walk you through the snapchat sex and how to find horny dirty snapchat girls. I will tell you how you can sell your snapchat pictures anonymously and start to make money. I will put up a list of some slutty girls snapchat names and more. Snapchat is a very famous mobile app , the idea is so stupid that sometimes I wonder how they became so famous. The purpose in l ife of this app is to send pictures and even chat messages to your friends that are disappearing after they have been sent.

So you can imagine that this feature would engage the perverted mind of what I call horny snapchatters. Because you can send theoretically a picture of your dick to your best friend and unless she takes a screenshot. If you wanna know all the tricks to find this kind of girls, keep reading. To create your snapcode you need to go into your app.

If you want to create other snap codes, it is interesting, because they can be scanned and used like QR codes, and you can redirect your friends to websites or whatever you want. With the snapcode , you can scan it from your media gallery and or camera, and you will be redirected to the username or website in the snapcode.

A nice app to start building up your audience and to find horny chicks and horny dudes is ghostcodes. When you up f or the first time you have to pick up a niche , that will be that one forever so make sure you choose the best one for you. A trick I am using to gain follower s on snapchat and other social media is to complete my profile with all my social media and add a cool link in the description. If you have a lot of kudos , you will go up on the list of the category you have picked, and a lot of people will download your code and snapchat you.

With this app , you can find a lot of naughty real snapchat girls to have if you are lucky some snapchat sex. Once you will start to gain some traction with your followers , you will see that people will add you to their private groups. Post your snapcode there and ask for some shoutouts via the chat.

You are getting closer to the snapchat sex. Recently snapchat put up some bad rules, and they might ban you if you spam too much or harass other horny snapchatters, the best ways to avoid this are:. There is an app called Addme that allows you to add social profiles, Kik usernames, and snapchat username. If you log in every day you will get a prize and you can be put as featured profile when you reach a certain amount of free coins.

So what to do:. These are some usernames of girls that are always willing to send nudes, there are so many and this is just a little taste. These are links to a few popular snapchat and Kik forum, to find more chicks or dudes:. This part of the article will work probably only for girls , but you can give it a try even if you are a male.

This guide is for girls looking to make some extra buck with snapchat as a leader social media in the porn industry. This tutorial will teach you how to sell nudes anonymously and with a potential of making a nice profit. So how to sell nudes with snapchat? A lot of guys likes sext, sext means having snapchat sex or just texting dirty, there are people willing to pay for cam shows or even just for a few pictures. What the most successful girls do right now is to make a public where they grow a lot of fo viewers and traffic with the methods written above.

And then when are into the flow they are posting some stories saying:. For private pics, shows and more buy my private snapchat username and a membership for These girls usually get paid by PayPal and under the privacy point of view is not very safe. Horny pervert minded people with a bit of research can track you. Theoretically, they can spread all over your pics with your name on it and house address even. You can promote your username and website using the custom snapcodes creator!

When people will scan your code they can add you or go to a website you own. Also if you have skype, you can put up anonymous skype shows paid for a minute with this awesome service, skyprivate. The best way to sell nudes anonymously is using bitcoin.

Transactions are instant and secure and anonymous if you wanna know more about how to create a bitcoin wallet and start accepting payments with it. I have made another article where all the process is well written here how to buy tokens on chaturbate with bitcoin. I will write down the main steps here, but I suggest you read also my other article , it is written for chaturbate but the bitcoin part works for anything.

The positive things are that once your coinbase is set up, you will never need a credit card info, PayPal or log in, money can be withdrawn to your bank instantly from coinbase. When you make a virtual credit card, you will get an with the credit card s and CVV. Make sure to save that information somewhere so you will have the virtual credit card. If you want a real credit card to spend at the stores and in life, you need to order one.

If you wanna avoid fees, you need to do the GDAX method written in my other article here. It will save you some money but it takes a bit more time. Snapchat is one of the top social media used in the porn industry since it is very safe and the images are disappearing. There are many snapchat porn website where you can find models like fancentro and so many more. To finish this up, we have learned a lot about snapchat, and in a list, we can sum up all like this:.

If you found this article nice, please share it and comment if you have something to say and or you need some help. I suggest reading my other article where you can learn:. How to make money as a camgirl. How to eliminate the coinbase fees. How to make money using chaturbate cam service. If you are interested in the best adult offers available in your country, datingsitespot is the place to be.

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Sex snapchat ghostcodes

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